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AR apple HD model film

SPX mobile phone AR
vacuum magnetron
transmittance can reach
96.666%, reflectance
0.25%. Really achieve
high light transmittance,
low reflection, anti-glare.
To achieve the texture of
the original screen

Mainly receive brand customization orders 1. Anti-scratch, longer lasting and more durable, high-definition light transmittance 96.66% 2. Explosion-proof, impact-resistant, tough and not broken edges 3. No white edges, no bubbles, full-screen protection fit, perfect Covering 4. Does not cut hands, smooth and rounded corners, good hand feel 5. Powerful oleophobic and hydrophobic, super smooth 6. Polymer composite material, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic 7. Can be bent at 360 degrees, supporting fingerprints under the screen Unlock 8. Thin and sensitive touch, restore bare phone feel 9. AR anti-reflection: clarity improves resolution, 10. Reflection: the screen can be clearly seen under the sun

Suitable for Apple, Samsung, Sharp, SONY, OPPO, Redmi, realme, MOTOROLA, TCL, Google (Face/Curved/Foldable)

Our company mainly produces various types of PET soft film
Applicable to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, car central control displays, etc
Price advantage, quality assurance!
Fully automated production, strictly controlled by QC


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