How to choose AR Apple privacy film?

Publish Time: 2023-11-09
AR Apple anti-peep film is a special mobile phone film that uses advanced anti-peep technology to effectively prevent others from peeking into your phone screen. This kind of privacy film is becoming more and more popular in the market, but how to choose a suitable AR Apple privacy film?
1. Understand the principle of privacy film
The principle of AR Apple privacy film is to use the scattering and refraction of light in optical principles, so that only the person facing the screen can see the content on the screen, while the people next to you cannot see it. This kind of privacy film usually uses ultra-fine particle grinding technology to make the surface of the film have high reflectivity and scattering rate, thereby achieving control of light.
2. Choose the appropriate level of privacy protection
AR Apple privacy films have various privacy levels, such as 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, etc. The higher the privacy level, the fewer people will be able to see the screen. Therefore, when choosing AR Apple privacy film, you need to choose the appropriate privacy level according to your needs. If you need to protect your privacy, you can choose a product with a higher level of privacy protection; if you just don't want to be peeked by people next to you, you can choose a product with a lower level of privacy protection.
3. Pay attention to the quality of the privacy film
When choosing an AR Apple privacy film, you need to pay attention to its quality. High-quality privacy films usually have high light transmittance, clarity and wear resistance. When choosing, you can judge the quality of the product by observing its packaging and instructions. Generally speaking, the packaging and instructions of high-quality products are relatively standardized and the information is relatively complete.
4. Choose according to your mobile phone model
There are many models of AR Apple privacy films, suitable for different mobile phone models. When choosing, you need to choose a privacy film that matches your phone model. If it does not match, it may cause the film to be weak or affect the operation of the phone.
5. Consider your budget
The price of AR Apple privacy film varies depending on factors such as brand, quality, model, and sales channel. When choosing, you need to consider your budget and choose a product that suits you. Generally speaking, high-quality products are more expensive but have better results.
To sum up, when choosing an AR Apple privacy film, you need to consider multiple factors, including the principle of the privacy film, privacy level, quality, phone model, and budget. When choosing, you need to comprehensively consider your needs and budget and choose the product that suits you. At the same time, when using the privacy film, you also need to pay attention to maintenance and replacement to ensure its effectiveness and service life.

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